11Oct 2018

Why Apple’s lightning cable can’t sell on amazon?  Because there was no MFi authentication, The Merchant was on sale, the sale web page show a dog! Do you know What is Apple MFI Certification? Everyone should know about it! In September, you might just need to change the title and submit it for review, but in October, Apple […]

11Oct 2017

How to choose a good of MFi certified Lightning cable All Lightning cables the same? Why are the prices on the wire may differ in several times? What cable to buy? Experts iXbt decided to answer these questions with practical examples and experiments. The study is dedicated to users who are familiar with physics in […]

11Aug 2017

MFi Lightning Certified Cable is an 8-pin connector which carries a digital signal. Unlike the Apple 30 pin connector it replaces (and USB Type A or B connectors), the Lightning connector can be inserted either face up or face down. Apple offers various adapters which allow the Lightning connector to be used with other interfaces, such […]

02Aug 2017

Why do we choose MFi  lightning cable? First, MFi means made for iPhone. It’s admitted and certificated by Apple Company. That’s to say, we have got the quality and function guarantee. Second, according to professional test, it’s been proved that MFi certified cable has better stability than the original iPad cable. Third, MFi certified cable […]

11Jul 2017

【Extra-long length】- Extra long 10ft/3M length is enough to free up your charger when you at home or outside. 【Charging & Sync】- 10ft extra long length cable with outside diameter of 3.8mm,It is include four copper wire ensure fast charger and high speed data transmission. 【Unique Design】 – Tangle-free nylon braided MFi lightning Cable with […]

13May 2017

In the marketplace most 3.3ft / 1m apple-certified MFI lightning cables, So If you want to Wholesale 10ft apple-certified MFI lightning cables, You have to Customized the 10ft apple-certified MFI lightning cables. We are  apple-certified MFI lightning cable factory in China, Welcome to custom. If you interested 10ft apple-certified MFI lightning cables please feel free contact us. […]

04May 2017

According to marketplace has many diferent style charger cords,  So We need Customized our own Style MFI certified lightning cable for we get more business , But How to get custom our own style MFI certified lightning cable? We are specialized in produing high quality MFI lightning Cable Manufacturer,Welcome to Customized – LOGO – Style […]

26Apr 2017

Why MFi Certification? Apple does all this for security, and they require that all other third-party connectivity devices, in addition to blue teeth, need to be added to the MFi program, requiring MFI certification. The third party Lightning the data line inside also hides the Apple attestation chip, the attestation chip has the metal sheet […]